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Birds Of Prey Demonstration

Birds Of Prey Demonstration - a glimpse into falconry.

A spectacualr birds of prey demonstration. What makes it spectacular?

In one word passion. Passion for birds of prey and falconry. You are spectator to the interaction of mutual respect and trust between raptor and human. All of this allows the falconer to let the birds of prey fly free and allow them to surprise you from all angles. In fact even the falconer gets a good surprise once in a while, this is because raptors are fast, cunning and sometimes just plain lazy!

Falcon given free flight Snow owl (lazy) sitting on the lawn Chillean Eagle taking a break Falcon landing on gauntlet

The birds of prey fly freely and perform spectacular flights, sometimes they shot just over above your head, nearly toutching you, or literally between you and and your cup of coffee. They even take a break from it all once in a while, right in front of you!

Falconcrest birds of prey shows always have many different types and species of raptors, this clearly shows the different characteristics of the different birds of prey as well as their induvidual hunting methods. During the demonstration the falconer will keep you informed about all the interesting facts of the birds of prey that are flying at that moment.

Snow Owl on table with spectators Harris Hawk on table with spectators Snow owl flying over spectators Harris Hawk flies over spectators

Birds of prey, and make no mistake, are very lazy, and if possible and will seek a easy retreat to take a break, if offered one. And it could just be the table you're sitting at! So DO NOT FORGET your camera! Nowhere else will you get this close to birds of prey (and live to tell the tail), and this is the best oppurtunity you're going to get to make some great photographs.

Chili Eagle on gauntlet Photo Lanner Falcon Photograph snow owl closeup Photograph gyrfalcon in flight

It's a great experience for everyone, from romantic snow owls to lighting fast falcons, not forgetting the gracious eagles. We love to share our passion you. Experience the world of the falconer.