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Birds of prey - Hawks

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Harrie the Harris Hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus)

Harris Hawk (Harrie)

(Parabuteo unicinctus)
Harrie the Harris hawk, loves entertaining anyone who is interested. Eager to please and a pleasure to work with.

Harris Hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus)

Harris Hawk (Millie)

(Parabuteo unicinctus)
Eager to partipate, Millie is proof that Harris hawks are social hunters. She is a crowd pleaser, and loves the attention.

Harris Hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus)

Harris Hawk (Diana)

(Parabuteo unicinctus)
Diana is a quiet and peacefull hawk that prefers her privacy. While she is actually the "clown" of hawks and can be most amuzing at times, specially when no one expects it.

Birds of prey - Hawks

Hawks are another catagory of predatory bird and have more species than any other type of bird. Hawks have a hooked beak to help them cut up the food, they have excellent eye sight, 8 times better than humans. Hawks can see colours and have a 280 degree view of the world around them due to their eyes being placed on the side of their head. They use their sharp tallons and claws to capture and kill their prey which they hunt during datlight. As hawks accept humans far more easily than other birds of prey, they are recommendable for the apprentice falconer, specifically the Harris Hawk because this is the only species of hawk that hunts in groups, thus a social hunter and will accept the falconer as a trusted hunting partner quicker than any other bird of prey.

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