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Falconry Equipment - Traditional Dutch Eagle Gauntlet


Traditional Dutch Eagle Gauntlet

Traditional Dutch Eagle Gauntlet
Traditional Dutch Eagle Gauntlet

100.00 Euro
Falconry Equipment - Traditional Dutch Eagle Gauntlet. A handcrafted beautifully styled 16 inch Falconry Eagle gauntlet. Tri-layer elk leather for handling any size eagle. Double thickness over the palm and first two fingers. Very comfortable and supple gauntlet. Comes with tassel and sewn on "D" ring.

Falconcrest, the specialists in the manufacturing of traditional Dutch falconry gauntlets. Each gauntlet is hand crafted using age old proven methods and materials resulting in a comfortable durable gauntlet that will give you years of excellent service.

Gauntlet Options

For Left and Right handed
ok  Right handed
ok  Left handed
Available Colours
Dark Green
Gauntlet Sizes
Medium Large

You and your birds of prey deserve the best. Falconcrest with more than 40 years experience is your guarantee of lasting quality. If it is not a Falconcrest Falconry Gauntlett, then it cannot be a traditional Dutch gauntlet.

When purchasing falconry equipment be alert, as many of our products are copied and replicated by others. The materials used are less reliable and the gauntlets made with lack of knowledge and craftsmanship.

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