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Workshop Falconry

Falconry Workshop

Spending a day with a master falconer during a falconry workshop. What can you expect?

For anyone with an interest in birds of prey, the world of the falconer, or maybe just wants to know what it feels like to have a raptor sitting on your hand. Better yet, partake in a birds of prey demonstration, but you have no experience at all.., then the 'entry level' falconry workshop of Falconcrest are the right choice.

Chili Eagle Workshop Eagle Workshop

Falconry Workshop Agenda

  • The morning is spent on the theory of falconry; all the things you need to know about birds of prey and how to handle them.
  • Instruction about the materials and equipment used in falconry, their use and how they are constructed; you also learn how to make a falconers knot.
  • A guided tour of the park with explanations about the different species and how they differ from each other.
  • Around noon there is a break where lunch is served.
  • In the afternoon the theory is put into practice. This entails that you will be working with a bird of prey and you will experience what it is like to be 'one' with the raptor.
  • Once the falconer is satisfied with the progress, you will be given the oppertunity to fly the bird of prey yourself, experiencing what it is like to be a falconer.
  • You will realise that becoming a falconer is no easy task at all, and a lot of hard work and dedication is required.
  • The day ends off with some refreshments and discussion about the events of the day.
  • As souvenir, the falconry gauntlet you used during the workshop, is your's to keep.
Harris Hawk Buzzard