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Falconry Fair Affligem

Falconry Fair Affligem 2011

6-6-2011 13:45:00

' Falconry Fair Affligem, on Sunday 28th August 2011. Gates open from 10:00 to 18:00. This falconry event promises a unique statis raptor display with birds of prey and owls. During the day conferences and workshops will be held as well. There are a'

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Falconcrest Falconry Fair: Birds of prey and Falconry Festival

Birds of prey and Falconry Fair

10-5-2011 12:45:00

' Falconcrest Falconry Fair, from the 16th to the 17th of July. Gates are open from 10;00 until 17:00. On both days continuous birds of prey demonstrations with be given by diverse international falconers. A great two day birds of prey event '

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De Steppearend International Falconcers Gathering

International Falconers Gathering

1-5-2011 21:35:00

' This will become the sixth time the international falconers gathering will be held in belguim and hosted by falconry association 'De Steppearend'. With continuous birds of prey shows and displays there are also stands with falconry material and hun'

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International Falcon Expo

International Falcon-Expo

27-4-2011 21:35:00

' The third international falcon festival will be held in Germany. Having falconry, hunting and fishing as its main theme, it will once again be a great event for people who love wildlife and the outdoors. It is due to start October the 1st until the'

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The arabians are crazy about our craftsmanship. In the world of falconry, the Dutch company, Falconcrest is world famous. The krown prins of Abu Dabi and loads of wealthy arabs, wild about the craftsmanship and hand made equipment for falconry, are regular customers. Falconcrest can bearly keep up with the demand for their products.

Jan Van Den Dungen - De Telegraaf

The magestic radiance of the falconry hoods fits the royal aura of the falcons. Craftmanship on the square centimeter, that finds its way to falconers all around the world.

Margriet de Groot - Seasons