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The falconers of Falconcrest

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Defenition of a falconer

Explanation: Someone that practices falconry, tends to falcons and trains then and has the authority to hunt with falcons. You are a falconer is you have the knowledge and experience to train birds of prey with a lure and keep the birds in such a state that they able to hunt and aquire prey.

At Falconcrest the meaning goes deeper as we have many different species of birds of prey to work with, and not only the falcons that are trained with a lure.

Having a bird of prey does not make you a falconer, for this you need to follow falconry courses and pass an exam. Falconers need to know the rules and regulations of the Netherlands as well as the EU, and abide by them (If you live in the Netherlands). Once you achieve this, then you are a real falconer.

Meet the falconers

Interested in a falconry experinnce day, or falconry workshop? Contact one of the falconers for details and special group offers.

Frans Lenders - Master Falconer

Frans Lenders

Master Falconer

Frans is Falconcrest's master falconer, with more than 54 years of experience in working with birds of prey. Frans also provides the insight and planning for the falconry workshops and falconer training programs.  

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Frank Lenders - Director and Falconer

Frank Lenders

Director and Falconer

Managing director and CEO of Falconcrest, Frank is also an enthusiastic falconer with a special passion for eagles.  

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Nicky Lenders - Falconer

Nicky Lenders


Falconeer at Falconcrest, Nicky is an enthusiastic falconer, and has passion for the powerfull eagles.  

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Life at Falconcrest

A place where nature and more profoundly so, the birds of prey take first place. Falconcrest Aerial view

This means getting up real early to attend to the needs of our feathered friends, and then getting the park ready for our visitors.

Falconry is a way of life for us that we practice with a passion.

Every falconer has his/her speciality in the world of falconry.

Frans is master falconer, and shares his experience and knowledge in the birds of prey and falconry workshops held at Falconcrest.

Indepth knowledge of the different types of birds of prey, makes the diverse workshops impressive and interesting.

Falconry is not an expression, it is a way of life.

Besides the understanding of birds of prey, Falconcrest also has the historical and tradional knowledge and knowhow to manufacture world renowned falconry equipment.

Quality and durability of the falconry equipment is the most important for our falconry equipment as both falconer and bird of prey deserve the best.