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Birds OF Prey Demonstration

Birds Of Prey Demonstration

The Raptor Demonstration - a quick overview of falconry and the birds of prey show.

Spectacular birds of prey demonstrations. What makes them so special?

It is the bond between falconer and the birds of prey, the mutual trust and respect. It is the passion the falconer has for the raptors. You are vitness to this interaction of man and beast. The falconer lets the birds fly free and they will surprise from all angles, sometime they even surprise the falconer. This because they are clever, sly and fast on the wing or in the case of the owls, just plain lazy.

Falcon release to fly Snow owl on grass Chilean Eagle taking a break Falconer and falcon

The birds in free flight perform stunning flights sometime shooting over your head or between you and your coffee cup. They also come and visit you at your table, just to see what you look like.

During a Falconcrest birds of prey show several different species of raptor will be flown, and you will see the different hunting techniques used by the different birds of prey. As this is all happening the falconer will give detailed information about the birds of prey.

Snow owl on table Visiting Harris Hawk Swooping Snow Owl Near miss Harris Hawk

Birds of prey are generally lazy and will only fly if they really have to! So don't forget to bring your camera! Nowhere else can you get so close to free flying birds of prey. Birds of prey demonstrations are an exceptional moment for some outstanding picture taking.

Falconer with Chilean Eagle Lanner Falcon Little Owl up close Gyr Falcon in free flight

Falconcrest Falconry and Birds Of Prey Park is the best choice for spectacular birds of prey demonstrations. There is something for everyone; from beautiful snow owls to fast falcons gracious eagles. We enjoy sharing our falconry passion with you..

Indoor Birds of prey demonstrations are also possible. See: Indoor birds of prey demonstrations for some examples.

Educational birds of prey demonstrations for schools are available, where Falconcrest, with a selections of raptors, can spend a morning or afternoon giving lessons about birds of prey in nature.Educationa birds of prey sessions as example.